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Ronin Ryu NinJutsu
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2014-04-14 10:59:40
Ronin Ryu NinJutsu
A small seminar was made in Ankara during the weekend with GM Jörgen Lindberg in preparation for this years rank graduation. Collar Grip, Knife defense and using fall techniques as weapon.
2014-04-14 08:16:08

Ronin Ryu Events

31 May 2014 - 12:00
Bu seneki Kuşak Sınavı tüm öğrencilerimiz için Ankara'da yapılacaktır. www.roninryuninjutsu...
Location: Delos Sports & Squash Club

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"Ninjutsu is not something which should be used for personal desires. It is something which should be used when no other choice is available, for the sake of one's country, for the sake of one's lord, or to escape personal danger. If one deliberately uses it for the sake of personal desires, the techniques will indeed fail totally."
Jörgen Lindberg

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